Free Printable Cardboard House and School Pattern


On last semester theme “Be Fair for the Green Care”, Art subject was responsible in miniature-making activity which was one of important elements in students’ midterm test, My Conference. It is the term we use in this school instead of ‘midterm’ because it’s about presenting their work after three months studying. There will be portfolio session, Q&A session, and of course, students’ presentation. The miniature itself was divided into four groups: Healthy Home, Healthy School, Unhealthy Home, and Unhealthy School.

I have to admit that first I had absolutely no idea what to do. My Level Coordinator (under Principal) told me that school (read: me) had to provide 90% materials. Last year the building was made as they pleased–they could make it from Styrofoam, duplex, even Popsicle stick, but this year it all had to be uniform. After discussing with other Level 2 teachers, it was decided that the base building of house and school was made out of cardboard with hand-made pattern. That pattern later was photocopied on HVS paper so students could color it, and then was attached to the cardboard. Continue reading


Six Student’s Cover Art that Looks Like a Real, Published Book

Fantastic title, is it not? I may know a little bit more about professional art, on how it is made to the elements that make it sell. But I surely cannot underestimate the work of 7-8 years old in my class, where they were asked to design their own book cover.

For these last three months, the theme on Level 2 is ‘Not Just Another Little Author’ (I believe the right phrase is without ‘Just’, but it was editor’s revision, so yeah :D) in which students are writing their own fiction and non-fiction book. I am excited to get involved with that ‘Little Author’ project, and I try to come up with activities that not only is closely related to my interest but also theirs. So far they had character-designed for one Indonesian/Sundanese folklore called Telaga Warna (Colorful Loch), made corner bookmark (they got more creative than the template!) and designed book cover.

From 79 works, I post only six of them, and even though it’s super important to be objective in assessment, I as a human can get pretty subjective too. Here are the ones that captured my eyes the second I saw it: Continue reading



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Teaching is a familiar word.

Yet not everybody feels familiar with it.

I was in grade 2 when I heard from my friend that teacher’s salary is so little you cannot use it to buy a chocolate bar. Some said it’s around two thousand rupiahs (1/5 of one USD) which of course it isn’t true. The younger me was shocked anyway. It’s not the reason why I never think about the profession as my job, but their loyalty and compassion and kind nature that seemingly so far from who I am as a person.

Yet, fate takes me this way.

This blog will contain some of classroom documentation, teacher’s rambling (I like to ramble), and things about education and teaching that I find interesting. There will be attachments and free printable source, I hope, regarding to subject I teach–English as Foreign Language and Arts and Crafts for level 2 Primary school.

Oh, and maybe science! I love it to the point where it can be used as ‘unique trivia’ or ‘sci-fi story premises’. My friends are brighter than I am for that, definitely.

Welcome to Caramel Candy Apple blog. I named it after a sweet treat that is often associated with gifts for teachers. I wish my teaching and learning experience would taste the same (more to the sweet part, of course! I’m a sweet tooth).